What’s In A Name?

frl_logo_square_onlyDid you ever name a company? How about a band, or any other enterprise?

I lead a company that started out as dougsmithtraining.com and then evolved into Front Range Leadership, LLC. I’m happy with the name, but constantly wonder about the brand I left behind.

It’s not like I changed from some massive brand to another — you may have never even heard of doug smith training before now — but it was near and dear to me (hey, it’s my own name!)

So why did I change the company name? Well, there are a LOT of people with the same name as me out there, including people who do the things I do: training, consulting, music, acting, film…and what’s to be done about that and navigating through the confusion? Well, the name change is what I did (as well as make greater use of my full name: Douglas Brent Smith and its variation Douglas Brent).

Why am I thinking about that now? Because I miss some of the recognition that the previous brand gave me. I miss the personal touch. I miss the brand.

So stay tuned. Here it is on this blog. It’s also on one of my other blogs http://dougsmithtraining.blogspot.com

And, if you have an opinion on keeping (and re-launching) the name doug smith training or staying with Front Range Leadership I’d love to hear from you.

Doug Smith

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